Visiting Us

 Reading a website and looking at pictures can’t tell you what a nursery is really like, no matter how much homework you do, you will find out far more from a visit than from anything else!

In an ideal world we would love to say to our prospective parents “come by at any time to see what we do”. However, for security reasons this isn’t possible and we operate a closed door policy to strangers. (Of course if you have a child at nursery you can call at anytime and you will always receive a warm welcome!)

To arrange a visit we ask that you ring the nursery manager and make an appointment for your personalised tour. During your visit the manager will want you to meet and spend time with the team leader of your child’s prospective group and will want to ensure that adequate time and cover is in place for your visit. Also, of course, when you arrive at nursery you will be expected!

You will find full contact details for each nursery on the links above or please ring our head office if you require more information 01392 469909.