We believe in real food for our children and we cook all our meals on site. Each nursery has its own dedicated cook who forms a vital part of our team! We cook as much as possible from scratch and don’t use pre-prepared sauces preferring to make our own using fresh ingredients. We have become experts in making delicious ‘hidden vegetable’ sauces ensuring even our fussiest eaters get a good balance each day. Our cooks are often busy making cakes or bread as well as the main meals.

We also believe an integral part of family life is enjoying a meal together, and likewise a most enjoyable social event is sharing a meal with friends. We carry this philosophy through the nursery and all children take their meals together. We use tablecloths and the children have made table decorations to further enhance the meal time experience.

The children help themselves to seconds and pour their own drinks. Even our very youngest toddlers appreciate this extra choice and independence. All our children are encouraged to ‘try’ everything on their plates and we often find that eating together with their peers, means that children are more willing to have a taste … and might even discover a new favourite food!

Menus are on display at nursery for parents to view. A typical day’s menu would be:

   Breakfast 7:45 -9.00

Choice of cereal, toast and spreads

Morning Snack 10:00

Sliced banana and home made butternut squash muffins

Lunch 12:00 – 13:00

Roast Chicken, roast potatoes, carrots and broccoli
Home made apple crumble with custard

Afternoon Snack 14:15

Home made hummous and breadsticks with cucumber

Tea 16:15

(please note this is a light tea to ‘top them up’ before going home.)

Baked beans on wholemeal toast
Slices of Fresh Fruit

Weaning babies are catered for with food appropriate to their age and weaning stage.

All of our drinks, meals and snacks are included in our fees (apart from formula milk which we ask parents to supply in ready to use cartons) Special diets will be catered for whenever practical.