Our Babies

 We are registered to care for babies from 3 months old and our baby room team are chosen specifically for their love and experience with such very young children! Our baby rooms accommodate children up to two years of age. They are light and airy, and perfect for the very youngest of our children. We have a separate sleep room to ensure our babies can take their naps in a quiet, peaceful area.

 Our aim is to promote a happy, safe, caring environment with lots of love that will nurture early development. To help achieve this, children are assigned their own key person. It is your key person’s responsibility to not only build a warm and loving relationship with your child, but also an easy and open relationship with you.

Whilst we always encourage face to face communication between you and the team, our key persons also keep a daily diary to ensure you are aware of your child’s day in the baby room.

Our Baby Play Rooms are well equipped with a variety of toys, making full use of colours, sounds and textures to not only stimulate sight, hearing and touch, but also promote early development of gross motor skills. We like to use Treasure Baskets and Heuristic Play Sacks to ensure that our very young children experience play with natural, everyday materials too.

We will also introduce a range of physical and sensory activities, which the very young children love; albeit they can get a little grubby!

Filling a baby bath with jelly or cooked (cold) spaghetti is a great favourite and allows the children to explore, feel and learn! We of course include the more familiar activities such as painting and music sessions along with, of course, lots of cuddles!.

Our older babies also play alongside children in the main room for some group activities. These joint activities make the transition from the baby room to the main  room much easier for our youngsters.