Our Preschool

Yes we are a preschool!!!

Whilst we do not bear the name “Pre-School” we are very much a Pre-School and we work hard to ensure our children are ready for school. We are inspected by OFSTED and are required to incorporate the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) into our routines. We seem to do this very well with consistently Good and Outstanding  OFSTED reports.

It is a cornerstone of our belief that children under five should be allowed to play. We develop a robust learning environment that meets the needs of every child, but an environment where all learning is hidden behind play.

An expert on play once said “play is something children do when adults aren’t telling them what to do!”  We love this quote and totally agree!

It is our job to provide the right resources and opportunities to allow children to develop their play and we should never under estimate how complex and detailed their play situations are! We include as much hands on experiences as possible to allow children’s natural curiosity to lead them into new areas of learning.

We do take our commitment to early education seriously. We employ a curriculum manager to support and oversee our learning programs.

We recognise that all children are different. They have their own unique personality and a host of likes, dislikes and preferences, and of course they will all have different needs. We believe that all children have the right to be cared for and educated together with their peers. We welcome every child into our nursery and will work with parents to help ensure that their child’s needs are met as fully as possible.

Because we are small, we can group our children in smaller groups, matched more closely to their age and ability. These smaller, more personal groups allow our children to flourish and develop and it is something we are very proud of! 

Every child at nursery has a Record of Achievement Folder (ROA), they have been designed around the early years foundation stage (EYFS ). The folders include information about your child, within each learning area we record anecdotal observations of your child’s development. This may be recognition of caring for another child, creating a wonderful piece of art, helping others, or simply joining in and having fun; we also recognise how important your role is and we encourage parents to contribute to these folders.

As a pre-school, we are registered and approved as an early educator by OFSTED and as such we are in receipt of Local Education Authority grant funding – which means a reduction in your fees or even ‘free’ childcare in some cases!